Sunday, March 30, 2008

Camelot on Fire, and A Drunkard in Trouble!

I've not had much time to draw the last week, because my Daughter was on spring break, and we had a busy week.

I did manage to finish the newest page finally, after many labored hours of swatting away kids, and trying to blare music in my ears to drown them out! (not really, I love my kids to death, but they are loud beings when you're trying to concentrate! :)

I also had a drunk guy trying to break into my house and both my cars today while yelling "help me! help me!" and when we called 911, they transfered us around, and didn't send anybody out even though they had our name and address (!!!) So much for that lovely service. I asked the guy if there was anything I could help him with, and he stumbled off in the other direction. I think if I had my gun handy, I probably would have fired it into the air to see how fast he could run drunk. Talk about an eventful weekend! Sheesh! I'd rather be left alone, thanks!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

ComicStalk Comic Book Forum, and "The Dark Knight" 6 1/2 Minute Video!

Something that I have been working on is the Comicstalk Comic Book Forum. It is functional after a MAJOR overhaul, and there are some cool things already happening there, like a 6 1/2 minute video of footage from the upcoming film, "The Dark Knight."

Registration is required to view the link, but it's free, and it's definitely worth it! Check it out, because it shows Heath Ledger as the Joker, which is cool in itself!

Project: Camelot Coming Along

It seems like even though I get time to do some drawing, I never actually complete what I want to. I managed to finish pages 4 and 5 of Project: Camelot #1, but I am really looking forward to getting this puppy finished, so I can see the final bad-to-the-bone product.

I'm digging the story that Travis Legge has put together, so that makes it that much cooler to work on. It's different from anything I've ever worked on, but I have to say that I feel really comfortable with the pages, and that's something that almost never happens with me!

I almost never feel satisfied after finishing a page, except maybe for some of my "3 Witches" pages, so I think this is a step in the right direction.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Project: Camelot, Page 3

After jumping around from project to project for a while, I finally finished up the newest page for my comic project, Project: Camelot, written by the talented Travis Legge.

The Saveria speed painting is still being discussed on Youtube, at: (see my previous post), so check it out and join the discussion. I'm sure you'll find some "colorful" comments there, to say the least. ;)

I'm hoping to get more P:C pages finished soon, but I'm also working on a fantasy painting I've been working on since January on the side. Ahhhh, so much time, so little to do...wait, or is it the other way around?! *Sigh*


Friday, March 7, 2008

Painting of a 10-Year-Old Pop Singer

This is a digital painting in tribute to the talent of Saveria, an emerging 10-Year-Old pop star from Canada. It is set to her upcoming single, "Unwillingly." Saveria can be seen on national television commercials for the Mini Pop Kids CD's, and sang the US and Canadadian national anthems for the Toronto Blue Jays.

I have to say this one was met with some extreme different views on Youtube. Some thought it was too "girly" and made some crappy comments about it. Two people even went to try and make bigoted remarks. But, I believe it is they who are girly-men 0.o hmmmm. I think it was they who tried to sniff one of their kind out. It is they who wear the little girly perfumes and put on lipstick in the mirror while singing Alanis Morissette to themselves. o.0

Then, there were the cool ones who just...kept quiet and didn't say a word! Then, there were the extra heavy metal cool ones who posted nice comments, and gave compliments on the vid. Applause, my friends. The girly men were taken by supreeze. :D

Obviously, I've been sleep deprived the last couple of days, partly because I've been putting this together. So now I must get some rest.

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