Sunday, March 30, 2008

Camelot on Fire, and A Drunkard in Trouble!

I've not had much time to draw the last week, because my Daughter was on spring break, and we had a busy week.

I did manage to finish the newest page finally, after many labored hours of swatting away kids, and trying to blare music in my ears to drown them out! (not really, I love my kids to death, but they are loud beings when you're trying to concentrate! :)

I also had a drunk guy trying to break into my house and both my cars today while yelling "help me! help me!" and when we called 911, they transfered us around, and didn't send anybody out even though they had our name and address (!!!) So much for that lovely service. I asked the guy if there was anything I could help him with, and he stumbled off in the other direction. I think if I had my gun handy, I probably would have fired it into the air to see how fast he could run drunk. Talk about an eventful weekend! Sheesh! I'd rather be left alone, thanks!

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