Wednesday, May 14, 2008, The GhoulTones Demand Attention

For weeks now, I've taken a break from drawing. Yes, I know I do this occasionally, but there is a reason, I swear! Don't hurt me, I promise to pick back up soon.

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, I've started up a new website devoted to showing classic cartoons. The post turned out to sound more like an advertisement than I realized, but hey, I was excited, what can I say? I've been adding loads and loads and loads of new Looney Tunes, some Tom and Jerry (the human series), and Woody Woodpecker cartoons.

And then there's The GhoulTones. A couple of weeks ago, an old band mate of mine passed away, and at his funeral, I met up with all of the members from my old punk/ska band, and they asked me to play a benefit show for his wife and children.

Not that I don't totally dig getting together and playing drums in a band again for the first time in 7 years, but it takes some time to adjust to everything...playing again, renewing old friendships, finding a seems to take a lot more effort than it used to.

At least I can't say I don't have enough to do. :)