Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now on Comicvision....

For a very long time, I have wanted to find a way to show my comics in a single browser, with downloadable modules containing individual issues. So, I finally got up the willpower to sit down and write the program. I am not a programmer, but I have been tinkering with flash for a few years, so I chose to do it in flash. Instead of downloadable modules, I created it so that every page is downloadable. This way, it is all contained in a single panel, with no files on your hard drive that you have to search for, etc. I believe the big plus is that you can copy and paste the code to your website, blog, or Myspace page, like an embeddable Youtube player for comics. That makes it even cooler! :D

Online Comics at

Source Code:

<object width="558" height="480"
<param name="movie" value="
<br><a href="">Online Comics at</a>

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