Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Magic of Coloring Comics

MORE Comic Book Coloring Fun

So, here's the latest from 3 Witches. A while ago, I wasn't sure if I would even continue with 3 Witches, because of its cartoony look, and because it seems like everyone is doing something a little more...mature, I guess you could say. But, it seems like every time I start something else, I keep coming back to it.

Anyway, these are the last 3 pages of the first story, where they all basically get sucked into the wormhole, and begin to swap places.

You can also find more 3 Witches at www.3witches.net . Read and enjoy!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Coloring With Tentacles

Tentacles. I need tentacles. Eight, to be exact. If I had tentacles, I'd get stuff done. Believe me, that's a fact.

Switching gears a little this week, I've been working on coloring 3 Witches pages. They're a bit rushed (I've been doing 2 a day when I've been off work), but I'm pretty satisfied with the results so far. I'm hoping to post a comic book coloring tutorial or video soon, so keep checking my blog for details. :)

The pages shown here are from my website, 3witches.net. It sets up the story for the 3 Witches' counterparts in the "normal" world, in the city of Richville. Later, they swap places, with the 3 Witches ending up here, and Sally, Jane, and Frances being teleported to Witchville, the 3 Witches' home. The comics will primarily be focused in Richville, with the 3 Witches having to adjust to a really f****d up world that has to rely on things other than magic. I may do a story on the richie girls in the future, one never knows.

Betsy, Tartella, and Gruel are loads of fun to draw, but these girls are almost as fun, so I'm hoping to leave room to tell a story or two about them.

If you have a blog, feel free to post these images and help me promote my comics, and my new online flash comic viewer, Comicvision.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Legends Comics on Comicvision

I think that if I can get the word out, Comicvision will grow into something cool and usable. Legends #1 has been converted. If you want to help spread the word, help me out by following this link, copy the source code, and paste it on your blog or website. I think Comicvision has a lot of potential, so help spread the word! :)

Put Legends Comics on Your Website

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Faster Than the Speed of Graphite :D

From the outset of the pencil on its journey to the bottom of the page, I propped the drawing up on my lap and let it scream! EEEEEEEEeeeeeee! My hand was on fire, and nothing was going to slow it down! Raw, cutting energy unleashed upon the page. Flames erupted as abrasive friction fueled the pressing matters of creative supernovas forming in the mind. It all exploded like the birth of a star, meeting the all-encompassing life of the evolving planet. Then, it was finished, abrupt. Now it exists.

(in other words, I actually had an hour of free time, and kicked butt until I was finished with the rough pencils for my new page... :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Self-Publishing and All the Crazy Stuff That Goes With It...

The past couple weeks, I've been trying to get back in the swing of things with Project: Camelot, the comic book I am currently doing the art for. The premise is pretty simple, but effective-the government brings together some of the best soldiers from different branches of the military to form a top-notch team for fighting terrorism. Named after different knights from Arthurian legend, they are each fitted with their own high-tech, battle-blazing armor, armed to the teeth with sophisticated weaponry, sensors, and communications technology. Pretty cool, huh? The story is by writer Travis Legge, who has other projects in the works, as well.

The plan is to release the story in graphic novel format, but it will be roughly 110 pages so don't look for it on the bookshelves for a while. It's slavery, I tell you. They don't let me stop until my eyes have swollen shut from punching myself to stay awake at night. :D

There is always the option of letting a third party publish the book, but unless it's Image, or fairly notorious company, I am wary of any deal that might be struck. The reason is this: when you publish your comic book and present it to Diamond, they are given 35% off the cover price. Usually, a comic book company will want a cut from the profits. We will use a 40% discount as an example. Say the cover price is $9.95, and Diamond gets the first $3.48, leaving $6.47. We'll set the printing costs a little high, at $4.27, leaving $2.20. Comic book company gets the next $.88, leaving you with $1.32. Selling 1,000 copies leaves you with $1,320 or $2,200. If you were lucky enough to sell 10,000 copies, you would get $13,320 through comic book company, or $22,000 on your own.

Just starting out, though, it may benefit you to have the publicity a comic book company would bring along with it. That may be worth the 40%, depending on the amount of publicity one receives from the company. Just food for thought...